disease has been discovered outside the cattle farm yet. Foot-and-mouth disease found in ShanghaiDrought conditions in Ch▓ina's southwestern region are affecti?/p>

坣g more than 61 million people. 18 million of th▓em are suffering from a shortage of d▓rinking water. Drought control authorities and local governments have launched a

n immediate initiative, to lo▓ok for new water sources. Yunnan province has been seriously hit by the drought. Xinguang village has become the ▓first place in the province to b

enefit▓ from the new initiative. Its deep underground well has now started

to pump water. Li Z▓hangcai, engineer of Yunnan Geological Survey & Design Institute, said, "We located the position for the well on March 4th. The next day, all equipment had been put in place. " Villager said, "I'm so happy to se

e the new water resource." The deep well is able to provide drinking water for 2▓,000 people and more than 33 hundred cattle. Bang▓zhai villagers in Guizhou province are facing the difficulty of accessing water a▓s well. Villagers ha

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